Rules for Chatting on English Chats

To make this chat decent & friendly and to avoid getting kick or ban, please follow given below rules (these rules are applicable to the chat room of home page on this site):

1) No direct or indirect indecency allowed, please have a decent conversation and use decent nick.

2) Yelling for boys or girls is not allowed, it’s not a dating chat room, if you are here for finding a girl or boy then please join other chat rooms.

3) Sharing of personal email id, fb id or other such id is not allowed on main, in private share on your own risk as sharing such information to strangers is not safe. The one who just comes to get others id and asks the same in private then such person will be banned once someone complains about him/her.

4) Sharing songs, jokes, quotes or other any stuff which explores decent knowledge, is allowed even fb link is allowed for such purposes.

5) Abuses are not allowed.

6) Swearing is not allowed, swearing like DAMN, HELL, SHIT is okay.

7) It’s a chat room for friends, if you are rude you should not join here. The one who tries to ruin the environment here either on main or in private will be banned out. If someone doesn’t like to chat with you you shouldn’t annoy him/her by sending private or commenting on him/her with other people. Such people will be banned out if the person for whom it’s done reports discomfort.

8) No Racism, No Politics, No Religious discussion.

9) Chat only in English on main, if you don’t want to chat in English but want to enjoy this room just for decent chat then you can have your other language conversations in private chat.

10) No usages of sms type of spelling, you can do that only in private if the person to whom you are chatting is okay with it.

11) Please don’t chat on shout box, shout box is there for offline messages or for seeking help.

12) If you have any problem with any admin then don’t argue on main, take your conversation to private, if you are not satisfied with the private conversation or the admin is not willing to reply your private messages then write to

13) Spamming is not allowed.

14) Sharing name or link of other chat site, directly or indirectly, either on main or in private is not allowed.

15) Under 13 age of people are not allowed to enter any of the chat room on this site.

15) In Alternate English Chat Room , one who misuses the delete features which creates confusion, fight, distrust or an insult to someone; such person will be banned out.